Icon  Components of the Project

Component 1:
  Curriculum Customization

  • The Evaluator’s Institute (TEI) and the Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) have developed a curriculum in consultation with IFAD, after conducting a comprehensive needs assessment
  • CLEAR will work with TEI and IFAD to customize the curriculum by region and participant level.

Component 2:
  Developing the Certification

Why Certification?
  • Allows participants to differentiate themselves in a competitive global marketplace.
  • Standardization of courses and skills.
  • Increased trust and quality in the capacity building framework.
  • IFAD is adopting certification programs for financial management and climate change.
  1. Review of best practices in certification, aligning them with the needs of client countries and partners.
  2. Development of a certifying framework: training modalities, assessment and testing procedures, outreach.

Component 3:
  Knowledge Management
   & E-learning

E-learning: Used to supplement in-person courses.

Knowledge Management:  IFAD’s stated objectives for knowledge management and learning (KML) and learning efforts supporting grants are to:

“enhance the overall performance and results of the IFAD M&E training program; support efforts to scale up or replicate successes of the program; and share lessons with wider audiences to achieve visibility, and for advocacy and influence”.

  1. Knowledge for Internal Use: To promote knowledge transfer among project partners
  2. Knowledge for IFAD to extend its reach to alumni and stay engaged with learners
  3. Knowledge as a public good, which should generate broader leaning and impact beyond IFAD program participants.

Component 4:
  Delivery / Roll-out
  of the courses

Governance Structure

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